Planning is key…but be flexible.

You have probably already learned that planning your lesson is extremely important if you wish to be an Effective Teacher. This is certainly true at any level of education and any subject that you may teach. However, there are many ways to plan a lesson. Teacher education programs spend a lot of time on teachingContinue reading “Planning is key…but be flexible.”

Ignore your students??

I have not written in a while because we are in the thick of the semester at my school. Extra projects, basketball games to attend, “STEAM” project planning, grading papers, etc. Luckily for educators, the Pilgrims sat down with Native Americans many years ago to give thanks for the fact that they (the Pilgrims) wereContinue reading “Ignore your students??”

Is teaching your vocation or your job?

The purpose of this post is to explore the motivation that one might have for becoming a teacher. A s a college student or high school student you may have been asked to explain your plans for your future. Teachers, counselors, parents, and concerned friends will ask questions about what would you like to doContinue reading “Is teaching your vocation or your job?”

Dynamics of a class

Although it is natural to view every class of a certain grade level as being pretty much identical, in reality every class has it’s own personality. Every class has its different individual students with a variety of personal characteristics and personal needs. Although most students are unaware of what they really need, most of themContinue reading “Dynamics of a class”

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